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Milkman, the App that Waits for Your Delivery On Your Behalf

Nowadays we all buy online! The problem though is not the purchase itself but the delivery and more specifically being at home at the moment of delivery! After filling your virtual cart the dilemma is always the same: when will my package arrive? Will I be home or will I have to stand in an endless line at the post office to collect it? Milkman is here so that you won’t have to worry further! Whether you have made an order on Amazon Prime, Cortilia, Weygo, Glovo or any other delivery site, no problem! A great idea that deserves to be on the list of the smartest apps in our Milan Made Easy category!

What is Milkman? It is a new app, for iOS and Android, that is here to help all of those people who don’t have a concierge in their building and who won’t easily be home when the delivery of the online purchase happens. The ‘Milkman’ will receive the package on your behalf and keep it in their warehouse until you are home to receive it.

Milkman Home Delivery Milan

A Milkman van| © Milkman Fb

Milkman Home Delivery Milan

Milkman App| © Milkman Fb

To sign up for the service you just need to download the app on your smartphone, register and make your online purchases where you will just have to remember to indicate Milkman’s warehouse address for the delivery and not your own. For now the service is only available in Milan.

Once your package has been delivered at the warehouse, the app will send you a notification asking for what time you prefer to receive it at your place and the time windows are pretty flexible and very convenient for everybody, being active from 10am to 10pm (Saturdays included!). The fees depend on the weight of the package and on the chosen delivery time, they start from 1.90€ up to a 6.90€ max for late evening deliveries. We almost forgot: there is a 10€ bonus for newly registered accounts and you can use it anytime. Going to give it a try?

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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