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My Beloved Places in Milan’s Navigli Area

How well do you know the Navigli area? It is one of the liveliest parts of Milan, but I am sure you still need to discover a few of its gems. This post, which is the first one of a serie created with Nike, will make you discover this historical district in Milan, where you can do sports, eat well, shop and drink well at the same time!

It is right in this area that Nike is organizing the next stop of the new Hoodwaves Sessions project, that was launched last January. Month after month, the brand is setting up travelling Nike + Training Club sessions, that will touch down different areas of the city. The goal? Look at the city in a new way, with the chance of experiencing a workout in unexpected locations, discovering different neighborhoods of our Milan.

Today, as a first episode, we lead you to the discovery of the Navigli area and its pretty shops, the relaxing restaurants and cocktail bars. And also its special locations for sports and workouts. Here are the beloved places that we have selected for this area! 

Navigli Milano

Navigli on a sunny day with the market | © Caterina Zanzi

Navigli Milano

Navigli at night | © Caterina Zanzi


Nike Training

© Nike

  • RUNNING ALONGSIDE NAVIGLIO GRANDE. A neighborhood becomes more lively with sports. And running along the Navigli is quite fascinating. You can choose a bank (I suggest the one along Naviglio Grande) and run alone for as long as you please. If you are the type that likes working out with somebody, from February 19th, right on the Navigli, you can join the Nike + Run Club (NRC) workouts during the JDI Sundays: during these free and open to everybody sessions you will be able to run with other people on Sunday morning (11am- 2.30pm) – a time that is good for both students and workers – and choose between 5, 7 or 10 kilometers. You don’t need to be professional runners: anybody can join, even those who ran only twice in their entire life. The coach will divide the groups depending on the pace and the preparation! Nobody will be left out, promise! And at the end of the run…brunch for everybody!
  • FLOOR EXERCISES. Pass along Vicolo dei Lavandai and the night life area, get to the enchanting San Cristoforo church, pass the two Canottieri facilities and take the bike lane. On the road that reaches out to Corsico and Gaggiano you can stop for some floor excercises. Otherwise, in this case too, you can join the Nike +  Training Club during their closed number one hour classes (sign up here!). They are open to both sexes and are guided by a Nike Master Trainer. The next appointment, as part of the Hoodwaves Sessions project, will take place inside the Mac- Musica Arte Cultura in Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro 1 on February 21st (7:15-9 pm) and it will guided by Sayonara Motta. It is the right occasion for upping your game and reaching new goals…you don’t need to be professionals! And after…there is the live after-party with the rapper Rkomi! 
  • TAKE SOME CLASSES AT CANOTTIERI. You can very often see the athletes from the Canottieri (the rowing club) exercise in the waters of the Naviglio! Well, take some notes and not only if you’d like to try rowing. This facility, among the historical ones in Milan, gives the chance to try an almost endless number of sports: from swimming to water polo, from basketball to athletics and tennis! Interesting enough?


Erba Brusca A Place in Milan

Risotto at Erba Brusca |© Caterina Zanzi

  • ERBA BRUSCA. Although there are some ‘buts’, Erba Brusca is one of the most special places for a lunch or a dinner in the Navigli area. Thanks to its creative kitchen, the healthy ingredients that arrive from their garden and the very pleasant atmosphere. In Summer get there by bike or by a nice run along the canal.
  • TEMAKINHO. Located right on the Navigli, the first restaurant of a serie of other located around the city, Temakinho has been the first one to bring the explosive mix of Japanese and Brasilian food to Milan. I would like to be snobbish and say that their temakis are nothing special, but I just can’t. Their salmão gustoso is some serious world heritage food! 
  • TAGLIO. I wrote about Taglio many times, and I will never stop. Unless it stops being the perfect place at any time of the day. It is my favourite for a weekend lunch, when I enjoy the incredible Eggs Benedict. They have the same effect on me that pastrami has on Sally, in the famous movie.

If you want more. Keep in mind: 28 Posti, Italian Noodles, Rebelot del Pont.


Garden K Porta Genova Navigli Shopping Negozi Conosco Un Posto

Garden K | © Caterina Zanzi

  • MERRY GO ROUND,  GARDEN K and SALVATORE+MARIE. If you get to the Navigli from Porta Genova don’t miss these three fantastic shops located between the sttion piazza and Via Vigevano. You can read more about them in this post. There’s something for all tastes: from Korean clothing to niche brand and amazing design props. Trust me!
  • HUNT FOR VINTAGE. It’s well known that I love vintage shops. And the Navigli area is full of mini boutiques that sell second hand and vintage clothing! Have a walk on the left bank of Naviglio Grande and discover the many shops with a retrò flair!
  • DISCOVER THE COURTYARDS. The right bank of Naviglio Grande is full of marvellous hidden courtyards in which you can find showrooms, little stationary shops and generally many other cute shops. Don’t be afraid of passing the gates that face the Naviglio and discover a whole new world behind them.

Is this not enough? Write down these names too: Mercatone dell’Antiquariato the Antiques Market (last Sunday of the month), Antonioli, Inner (for sneakers).


Rita Cocktail A Place in Milan

A cocktail at Rita| © Chiara Galati

  • RITA&COCKTAILS. Located in a cross-street of naviglio Grande, I like this cocktail bar so much that it is on the list of my favourites in Milan. Not only because Rita is an actual institution in the city, but also because I always end up meeting someone I know here. And because I can drink good stuff, very good stuff.
  • MORGANTE. If you are looking for something ‘special’ and less known, the must-go-to is Morgante, an oasis of peace at the end of Vicolo dei Lavandai. It will be perfect also for the warmer days that are coming, because it has a very nice garden.
  • LUCA E ANDREA. No beating around the bush. Cocktails at Luca and Andrea are pretty well made. And they are never banal: you can go there for aperitivo or after dinner and enjoy the evening chit-chatting and snacking on something.

If these places are not enough, keep in mind these names too: Pigato, Ugo, Elita Bar.

This post is offered by Nike. To discover and sign up for the next events visit:

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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