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6 Restaurants for a 15€ Lunch Break in Milan’s Porta Romana

If you are in Porta Romana trying to find a good place for lunch that is not a rip off here are 6 restaurants you can try! And they are all under 15 euros!


A Tuscan trattoria that mixes quality ingredients and creativity, in addition to the typically Tuscan friendliness! The menu changes often and there are two options at lunch: a dish between the first or the second course with a side dish or the full meal made of a first course, second course, a side dish. Both combinations are served with focaccia, ¼liter of white or red wine and water. The price goes from 10 to 12 euros depending on the combination you choose!

Porta Romana Restaurants A Place in Milan

Gnocchi| © Lucia Brusco

LA CUCINA DE’ MIBABBO. Corso Lodi 19, Milan. +39 0245488997. Open for lunch from Monday to Friday.


Porta Romana Restaurants A Place in Milan

Lasagne at Giulio Pane e Ojo | © Lucia Brusco

The good Roman cuisine, in the heart of Porta Romana (which translates to The Roman Gate)! This trattoria is a key reference in this area for everybody looking for a lunch with a great plate of Bucatini all’Amatriciana or Abbacchio with potatoes (roast lamb). The tasty and simple menu at 12 euros only has our total approval (but we are not so sure that our scale agrees!)

GIULIO PANE E OJO.  Via Lodovico Muratori 10, Milan. +39 025456189. Open for lunch every day.


Porta Romana Restaurants A Place in Milan

A dish at Kobe2 Sushi| © Kobe2 Sushi

We can’t miss a Japanese restaurant in a list of best places for a lunch break in Milan, and this one is one of the best sushi places in the Porta Romana area. The restaurant is spacey and welcoming, the food is of good quality and the price at lunch is very cheap (only 12 euros for the lunch all you can eat formula). Worth giving it a chance!

KOBE2 SUSHI. Via Gaetana Agnesi 6, Milan. +39 0258432007. Open for lunch every day, weekends included.


Porta Romana Restaurants A Place in Milan

A dish at Radicetonda | © Radicetonda

If you are vegan and you really have no idea on where to have lunch in this area, head to Radicetonda, an exquisite bistrot where everything, from chairs to cutlery, is made of recycled materials and where you can enjoy delicious dishes made with organic ingredients. The formula here is that of a light lunch: a soup, the dish of the day and the drink will cost you only 10 euros! And you get a super healthy lunch! 

RADICENTONDA. Piazza Buozzi 5, Milan. +39 0236736669. Open for lunch every day, weekends included.


Porta Romana Restaurants A Place in Milan

A burger at Polpa | © Polpa Fb

Definitively the best burger place in the Porta Romana area. Fassona beef, Chianina beef, turkey, lamb or vegetarian…at Polpa you choose the meat, the veggies, the cheese and the sauces and that’s it! With a big portion of fries and a drink you will spend 11 euros!

POLPA. Via Agnesi 6, 20135 Milan. +39 0258305893. Open every day for lunch.


Porta Romana Restaurants A Place in Milan

The lunch tray at MAM | © Lucia Brusco

We end this post with a little gem of Porta Romana, the fairly new Milano Amore Mio, or as everybody is calling it MAM. Here you will get the feeling of being in your own living room, in a comfy armchair relaxing your body and your mind. If you have had a rough morning this is the right place for lunch! This vegetarian restaurant doesn’t have a proper menu and it is because the dishes vary every day. The lunch offer (much cheaper than at aperitivo time) is a tray with 4 different dishes, water, wine, bread and coffee, all for only 15euros.

MILANO AMORE MIO. Via Ludovico Muratori 7, Milan. +39 320 1842485. Open for lunch every day, weekends included.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Tamara Ilic.

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