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Sara Porro’s Beloved Places in Milan

Sara Porro A Place in Milan

Sara Porro

Milanese, Milanophile. “Food writer of the economic crisis, I have been writing since 2010, most of all about food, but also travel and a third category that we could call ‘lifestyle’ or ‘my own business'”. This is how Sara describes herself. She wrote for an incredibly big number of magazines (among which, I only quote few of them, Dissapore, Repubblica, Amica and New York Magazine) and she co-wrote ‘Giuseppino’ with Joe Bastianich – do you remember his beloved places in Milan? As if this was not enough, she is one of the founders of SauceMilan, a website about all things good to eat and drink in Milan. 

I shouldn’t be probably telling you about this since I am more or less doing the same thing with A Place in Milan. But this is how Sara is: passionate, excited and empathetic. And she automatically captivates you with her passion. I met her a morning for breakfast at the end of August in Milan and I let her tell me everything about her beloved places in Milan.

Let’s start with the essentials. Where do you go for breakfast? 
I go to Marotin every morning, the café we should all have close to home. I always say that cappuccino doesn’t have foam, it is the foam. And here they serve what is in my opinion the best cappuccino in Milan, perfectly foamy and at perfect temperature. I drink it with a shortbread cookie while I read the newspaper: the best way to start my day.

What are the secret places in the city that you would like to suggest? 
With no doubt the ‘Diurno Hotel‘ in Duomo and Porta Venezia. And maybe not everybody knows that at Museo del Novecento you can go to the last floor without paying the ticket and admire the Quarto Stato painting!

What are the places that make you relax? 
The anti-blues places need alcohol, of course. For good cocktails I like to go to Zinc, behind via Vittadini. Otherwise, if I want to totally disconnect and relax, I choose Un Posto a Milano.

Let’s move on to one of the most controversial topics: pizza. Where do you eat yours? 
At and only at Dry in via Solferino, the only actually good pizza in Milan. And if I am in the mood for a short getaway I go to Vimercate at Paradiso della Pizza.

A romantic dinner? 
There are not so many places in Milan where you can feel at ease, with wide tables and the possibility of being far from the crowd. For nice love occasion I head to Langosteria 10 in via Savona.

Ethnic restaurants you would like to suggest? 
For Chinese food I often go to a trattoria in via Paolo Sarpi, in that area they are all more or less the same. At Jin Yong, for example, I like to order steamed cicala di mare, a type of locust lobster, sautéed rice and dry bamboo: just delicious! When it comes to Japanese I prefer Yoshi and Wicky’s for special evenings, while my everyday Japanese restaurant is J’S Hiro. I also like Srilankan cuisine a lot, in this case I reserve a table in Porta Volta, at Serendib.

When you are not busy and when you are not eating what do you like to do? 
I shop at Baby’s in Black in Indipendenza area, they have amazing pieces of clothing. Otherwise I go to Perfekt Style in viale Piceno for a haircut.

Among the many different things you do there are also guided tours for foreigner tourists. How is a typical morning with them? 
They can choose among four different neighborhoods (Duomo, Isola/Garibaldi, Navigli and Brera), we start with breakfast and continue with a food-tour until lunch time. The city centre tour starts with Marchesi, continues with a visit to Peck and an aperitivo at the Aperol terrace ending with the gourmet sandwich at Ottimo Massimo and gelato at Ciacco.

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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