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Sara Puccinelli’s (aka Sarinski’s) Beloved Places in Milan

More than 27thousand followers on Twitter, more than 20thousand on Instagram and an active group of fans on Facebook: these are the figures of Sara Puccinelli, aka Sarinski, blogger and influencer – that’s how we say these days – Milanese girl getting the attention thanks to her irony and the thoughts she writes daily in 140 characters. Sara writes with a strong sense of humour, making fun of what surrounds her in the everyday life.

I started following her on Twitter some time ago and it was love at first tweet. When I asked her to talk about her beloved places in Milan she warned me rightaway that it would have been very difficult: “I am a f***ing hermit”, that was her auto-definition. How not to love her? But she did tell me about her special places, ranging between shopping, restaurants and, of course, soy cappuccinos.

Sara Puccinelli Sarinski Blogger A Place in Milan

Sara Puccinelli

Ok, you are one loyal customer of Zara. But where do you go when you want to overspend for some shopping? 
I am able to overspend and finish my funds at Zara too, but when I really want to exaggerate I go to Rinascente or Antonia in via Cusani.

Your favourite restaurant in the city?
Maybe Rangoli in via Solferino, it is an Indian restaurant of which I have very happy memories, or Ribot

Where do you go for a drink with friends?
It never happens, if it does happen I choose randomly. 

You are a soy fan. Where do they make the best soy cappuccino in the city?
Pavé in via Casati but also at Panini Durini.

You seem to be very careful about what you eat. What is the restaurant that pays special attention to healthy ingredients and dishes?
Mantra Raw Vegan.

In 140 characters you often write about your hair. Where do you go for a good haircut or hairdo?
I would really love to answer this question, but truth is I haven’t cut my hair for more than two years and I know I deserve all the possible hatred for this, I am lucky or it is thanks to my prayers.

Where do you go for a nice mani?
At the Chinese close to home or to Bahama Mama when I feel rich!

What is your beloved place in Milan?
Porta Romana, Cattolica University.

The ideal place for a romantic dinner?
Again Rangoli, being a person of questionable morals I always try to direct a first date to this restaurant. I HAVEN’T BEEN THERE FOR YEARS. 

Where do you go for a short relaxing trip?
I think of the countryside and I immediately freak out because I hate open air fields, so if I have to choose I would say: Liguria!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. All English versions are translated by Tamara Ilic.

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