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3 Shopping Destinations in Milan’s Porta Genova

For a tourist, shopping in Milan is often synonymous with roaming around Via Montenapoleone, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Corso Buenos Aires or even Corso Vercelli. And yet, the cities greatest gems are also its best-kept secrets as the city offers various small boutiques at every angle in which one can find a gift for oneself (or a gift to give) that is beautiful and special in its own way.

This is only the beginning of a tour that will take those of you who wish to think outside the box in terms of personal style and home decoration on a journey across the most authentic little shops the city has to offer (although a Zara gift card for an upcoming birthday would do the trick just as well!).

I began my journey in the Porta Genova area because, as I have said and will say again and again, it is one of my absolute favourites. I absolutely love Via Vigevano – and I stand by my conviction that it loves me right back. In this area, you can find Taglio (one of my favourite restaurants in Milan in 2014), Smøøshi and many other little haunts that I intend on introducing to you very shortly, if I have not yet already. Here, I like to enjoy a nice drink after a long day and it is also here that I love to pick up a few unusual pieces. Where exactly one may ask? Mainly in one of the three following stores or better yet, in all three of them! 


Merry Go Round | © Caterina Zanzi

Merry Go Round | © Caterina Zanzi

A merry go round of wonderful clothing. As such indicates the name of this store – Merry Go Round, which reminds one of a carrousel – and as such is this small shop on the street leading up to the trains departing from Porta Genova station. The store’s dynamic owner, Cristina, recently opened a second location in the city’s centre, on Via Larga, in the wake of the success of this first store. And yet I still prefer the intimacy of this particular location, as well as the fact that Cristina herself is almost always on hand to offer a much-appreciated style tip or two.

Merry Go Round Porta Genova Navigli Shopping Stores

Merry Go Round | © Caterina Zanzi

In this shop, I have made some of the best purchases of my life. One example is a skirt which, although I should be saving for a nice occasion (as mom always says), I feel an irresistible urge to wear every day. Another is a fake fur jacket that I don’t even bother saving for nice occasions as I love it too much to keep hidden away in my closet, as well as a number of other tops, blouses and wonderful overcoats. The store is welcoming, Cristina is super nice and the clothing is organized by colour, something that any colour-crazed person can appreciate a great deal. Come on ladies, take my advice and head on over!

MERRY GO ROUND. Corso Cristoforo Colombo, 4, Milan. +39 02 36557126. Open Monday from 3:00pm to 8:00pm and Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Closed on Sunday.


Garden K Porta Genova Navigli Shopping Stores

Garden K | © Caterina Zanzi

There are no more than two of each item available in this shop, meaning that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. If this isn’t enough to make you feel special, come and take a look at this shop and experience the beauty of the carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories chosen by the owners of Garden K, a splendid store located on Via Vigevano. One of the two owners is Korean, and this detail might already give you an idea of the minimalist and vaguely oriental style of the store. Glittered Derby’s, can’t-live-without jewellery and well-defined forms: It’s no secret; I want to buy absolutely everything in here!

Garden K Porta Genova Navigli Shopping Stores

Garden K | © Caterina Zanzi

Recently, the owners were joined by Ennji – the former owner of the eponymous store two steps away from Via Vigevano, one of my long time favourites that I miss very dearly – who, with her creations (jewellery that I thought could only be found on Pinterest, the most adorable headbands and hair elastics, small purses…), has since joined forces with the owners to enrich the current selection of carefully chosen items available in the store. The store is cozy even in its architectural elements and furnishings, which include scattered teacups and a Smeg fridge. Listen up boys, there’s even a men’s corner!

GARDEN K. Via Vigevano, 35, Milan. +39 02 89423940. Open Monday from 3:30pm to 7:30pm and Tuesday through Sunday from 10:30am to 7:30pm.


Salvatore+Marie via Vigevano Porta Genova Navigli Shopping Stores

Salvatore+Marie | © Caterina Zanzi

Only a few doors down from Garden K is another beautiful store, Salvatore+Marie, where finding ideas for home decor – even more than are necessary at times! – is a simple task. Design books, wonderful pieces for l’art de la table and other objects that may initially seem quite useless until a sudden urge – a need!! – to purchase them overcomes you, but also jewellery, clothing and products created by artisans in Italy and all over the world. Wander around the lights and come across some of the strangest lamps your eyes will ever see all while having fun trying on crazy accessories. You will be won over by this spot in no time!

Salvatore+Marie. Via Vigevano 33, Milan. +39 02 8942 2152. Open Monday through Saturday (Monday 3:30pm-7:00pm and Tuesday through Saturday 10:30am-1:00pm and 3:30pm-7:00pm). Closed on Sunday.

The shopaholic tour of Porta Genova has now come to an end. Who is ready for a shopping excursion? Which area would you like to discover next?

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

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