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So Lunch, the Website That Helps You Enjoy Lunch at Home (of Others)

Going home for lunch, in Milan, is often impossible. Then there are those who sought, although with some differences, to recreate the homemade atmosphere for students and workers who, for different reasons, can’t make it home for lunch. The solution is So Lunch, an active, website-based project available in Milan and Rome for now, that puts people into contact: on one side, those who are home and can prepare a meal and, on the other, those who shut off their laptops at 1:00pm for a bit and don’t feel like eating at the restaurant around the corner.

The evolution of the home restaurant everyone is talking about lately is all here and has a utilitarian and ethical value: it brings people together, joining those who wish to meet other people, creating a network between citizens. There are 12 million Italians that eat lunch outside of their homes but, on the other hand, there are 17 million that have lunch at home every day: “Why not make them meet?”, asked the founders of this startup, which at the moment has only 500 subscribers but is looking to grow.

So Lunch

A So Lunch meal | © So Lunch

How does So Lunch work? In a really easy way: both the home owners and potential “clients” register on the website. Those who wish to open their home for lunch write their daily proposal on the website: menu, price and eventual other notes. The clients, on the other hand, insert the postal code of the area they work or study in and scroll through the list of the closest homes and the menus of the day. At the end of the meal, clients and owners prepare their reviews for each other, like any self-respecting social media service. The only safety “rule” is that both parties register an ID to ensure the process is worry-free.

And the prices? Usually, a meal with So Lunch isn’t very expensive: the prices vary between 7 and 10 euros per person and are paid online. I loved this idea and look forward to trying it out as soon as possible. Do you find it interesting?

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

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