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Francesca Crescentini, Aka Tegamini, Shares Her Favourite Places in Milan

If you don’t follow her on Snapchat, well, you’re making a huge mistake. Francesca Crescentini, who you’ll find a bit everywhere online as Tegamini, has made a name for herself on this social network, earning the title of “Best Snapchatter” at the latest Macchianera Awards. Aside from sharing her life with us through snaps – which include everything from great reads (her #LibriniTegamini column is very extensive and full of great tips), snaps of her little one (Minicuore), tours of the city and her private life with Amore del Cuore – Francesca also has a blog and works for a communication agency.

If you too think of her as one of the coolest people on the web at the moment, you’ll love this interview in which she tells us all about her favourite places in Milan for good food, little boutiques to do some shopping or get your hair and makeup done and her favourite places outside the city!

Francesca Crescentini Tegamini

Francesca Crescentini | © Francesca Crescentini

Let’s begin with the fundamentals, reading, as there’s no one better than you for tips (and those who follow you on Snapchat know all too well): what are your favourite bookstores in Milan?
I’ll be super original: I have a weak spot for the Rizzoli bookstore in the Galleria. To avoid boring you with the obvious, I also like Verso Libri near the Colonne area. Aside from housing a fabulous selection and having the wonderful habit of staying open late, the calendar of meetings and presentations is super compelling.

Let’s talk clothing and jewelry: what are your favourite stores in the city?
Guendalina along Corso Porta Ticinese, Manuela Stella along via Vettabbia (for prints and crazy shoes), Frida’s spin-off shop in Isola (where I found a priceless dress full of puffin), Cos in Brera (when we want to feel like elegant and minimalistic women without going into debt) and Stiu, for boots – hoping the trend of the Frankenstein-style boot soon drifts into oblivion. I can’t really say about jewelry stores. I really only like priceless vintage pieces – and unfortunately I’m not the hereditary princess of Genovia.

Hair and makeup: where do you go for an impeccable look?
My absolute favourite place for a manicure is Bahama Mama – they’re surgeons, the window is full of adorable porcelain crap, a selection of DVD’s that entertain you as your polish is drying, wonderful teas: all in all, I’d live here. For hair, I love Roots. Resistant blow-drys, coffee served with biscuits and beautiful things to look at. When I need my colour done and I’ve won a small fortune at scratch-and-win, I go to Coppola along Corso Vercelli. I haven’t been since 2014, but I’ve got great memories. The world’s most beautiful perfume shop is Mazzolari.

Your favourite restaurants?
In the “Bettole & Folklore” category – but also in the “I’m starving but I only have a crumbled 5 euro bill” one, Oscar in Porta Venezia wins hands down – despite the owner’s disgraceful and terrifying habit of intermittently exiting the kitchen making melody to il Duce. I also love the giant fried chicken cutlet at Brutto Anatroccolo – which my father also enjoyed, absolutely oblivious to the fact that he was dining in a den of Bolsheviks. But I’d say we can close the “totalitarian restaurants” parenthesis and continue on with more dignified places. My favourite Milanese trattoria is Al Garghet – we went in the winter (with a fireplace and piano player who was still caught up on his Christmas playlist), but I’d love to go back and see the garden. To stay within the theme, I’d also say Al Laghett in Chiaravalle where I ate some incredible stuff. Back in the city, I love Osteria dei Binari, Wang Jiao di Col di Lana (for a Chinese menu with spring rolls, almond chicken and Cantonese rice), Canteen (the best Mexican in the city, nothing more to add), The Brisket on the Navigli (Texan barbecue sent from the heavens), Temakinho (it’s probably a banal choice, but I don’t care), Albufera (paella and tapas!), L’Antro della Sibilla in Piazza Cincinnato for pizza, the Fonderie Milanesi for brunch (especially in the summer) and, when I was young and cool and hung around via Vigevano, the surreal Meatball Family.

A romantic dinner with Amore del Cuore: where do you take him?
To El Porteño, for Argentine meat and a stunning setting. But more because I’m having an affair with the meat there (both the tartare and grilled filets) than for a romantic effect.

For a drink out with friends, which places would you suggest?
I’ve always had a great time at Ugo and at Banco. At Banco, at one point, they would even put your mojito in an adorable to-go bag. Like when you won red fish at Luna Park. I always went out with people who appreciated places that were joyful. In that case I can also add Picchio to the list – spine-chilling – and Frizzi e Lazzi, which costs nothing and has a beautiful courtyard full of terrifying plastic chairs. When I was young and fun, I often went to Atomic and to the allusive Leccomilano in the Porta Venezia area. For an aperitivo (and to regain my dignity) I really enjoy El Tombon de San Marc in Brera. If I had to choose just one place to grow old and camp out, I’d vote for 1930. I’ve only been once but I’ve never had a drink like that in my life.

For baby clothes, what are your stores of choice?
I decided to prioritize practicality and just accept the fact that nothing was ever going to last. We’ve found pieces to our liking at Primark in Arese, H&M and Chicco. When we want to steal the spotlight from Prince George, we go to Petit Bateau.

What are the apps you use to live “smartly” in Milan?
Aside from Google Maps and Enjoy, I always get my subway tickets with the Atm map. Other services that are constantly saving my life are: Amazon Prime Now, Glovo, Deliveroo.

Let’s talk a bit about culture: what are the museums you’re always happy to go to in Milan?
Palazzo Reale aside, one of my favourites is the Poldi Pezzoli – especially for the temporary exhibits. I also have to mention the Science Museum, the Triennale, the Fondazione Prada and Armani Silos. Incredible yet true, I have yet to go to the Mudec… I don’t think this will last for too much longer as a visit to the dinosaur exhibition is in order.

The places you go when you need to reflect or make an important decision?
The Giardini della Guastalla perhaps. But I’m really more about thinking as I’m walking around.

The first place you bring a friend visiting the city?
If I want to show off how vivacious the city is, the Navigli.

Your favourite neighbourhood?
My first home in Milan was located between Repubblica and Porta Venezia, and that neighbourhood is still very close to my heart. Thousands of little places to try, Buenos Aires nearby to buy pretty much anything, excellent public transportation within walking distance to the metro. We now live in the Bocconi area and are quite happy but, in case it wasn’t obvious enough, I think living in Brera would make me quite happy too.

A trip outside the city to unwind: where do you go?
To my parents’ place in Val Trebbia, which is located just an hour away, where the food is astonishingly good, the deers are jumping around and the air is wonderful and fresh. Every time I go visit them in the countryside I flirt with the idea of moving there and working out in the garden.

You were born and raised in Piacenza: what are the places you’d suggest in your hometown?
I haven’t lived in Piacenza since 2009, but there’s the trattoria del Gnasso – it’s actually called La Pireina – which is worth the trip. On the hilltop, I love La Bellaria – off the Statale 45 highway – and Sugone, in the square in Rivergaro. I know, people from Piacenza are rather picturesque!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This article was translated by Kelsey Rivett. 

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