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The Gay Friendly Places to Enjoy a Night out in Milan in 2017

It has now been over two years since we, along with our friends from, wrote an article on the best gay friendly places in Milan. In these 24 months a lot of things have changed: just to give you an example, the “biggest gay friendly Saturday night in Italy” no longer exists.

We then realized that we couldn’t delay this any longer, and we began putting together a new and updated list. You never know if you could be missing out on an occasion to have fun or perhaps meet the love of your life. Here are the places to enjoy an evening out in Milan in 2017!

Here are the places to enjoy an evening out in Milan in 2017!



Gay Friendly Places Milan

Il Mono | © Mono Fb

Il Mono is a fixture of the Milan nightlife scene in the Porta Venezia area. It is historically a perfect place for those who are looking to enjoy an aperitivo, enjoy a nice evening chatting with friends and enjoying a drink, or for a pre-drink before going out for a night of dancing. The place is quite small, but tradition has it that drinks should be enjoyed out on the street, on the sidewalk or in the adjacent streets. Our word of advice is not to park your car anywhere near here if you don’t want someone using it as a table for their cocktails. We definitely suggest it if you like beards.

MONO BAR. Via Lecco 6 (cross street Via Castaldi), Milan. Open from Tuesday to Sunday (6:30pm- 2:00am).


Gay Friendly Places Milan

The Outside of Leccomilano | © Leccomilano Fb

If the name of the place (which derives from its location on Via Lecco) wasn’t enough to make you curious, perhaps the subtitle given to this place (“a hole in the wall”) and the list of cocktails with unconventional names will. Ideal for a quiet evening, for an aperitivo with friends, for a break before heading out for a night of dancing or even for lunch. Keep an eye on the list of events.

LECCOMILANO. Via Lecco 5, Milan. +39 328 851 9783. Open everyday (11:30pm-2:00am).


Lelephant is another place we suggest if you want to enjoy happy hour or spend a few hours in good company sat at a table with a drink. The place is quite big (especially compared to others in the area, like il Mono or il Leccomilano) and is therefore also a great place to spend rainy evenings which make it difficult to enjoy a drink outside. It’s possible that here you’ll find less beards and more young people, whereas on Thursday night you’ll be able to win great prizes at Bingo. Highly suggested for aperitivo, if you’re feeling lucky for bingo (and unlucky in love) or if you’re a fan of Maurizia Paradiso.

LELEPHANT.  Via Melzo 22, Milan. +39 02 29518768. Open everyday (6:30pm-3:00am) except Mondays.


And the cycle of “gay-friendly places located along Via Lecco” continues with the Red Café, another small bar that offers guaranteed fun. It’s located right in front of Mono and next to Leccomilano. Nothing stops you from spending an evening walking along the street and trying the cocktails at every place and then letting us know which is your favourite. We’re letting you know right now: choosing won’t be easy.

RED CAFÈ. Via Lecco 29, Milan. Open everyday (9:00pm-2:00am).


Gay Friendly Places Milan

Blanco Milan | © Blanco Fb

“Marysthell Polanco, should I go to my cell or to Blanco?” sang M¥SS KETA in a famous song from some time ago, making us understand how important this place is for Milanese culture. It’s great at any time of day, from breakfast to the early hours of the morning passing by lunchtime, aperitivo and dinner, and often hosts prestigious dj sets that perfectly complement the evenings in this place where, needless to say, white is king.

BLANCO. Piazza Lavater 18, Milan. Open everyday (7:45am-2:00am), on Sundays from 6:30pm until midnight.



Gay Friendly Places Milan

An Evening at Vergine Camilla | © Vergine Camilla Fb

If you’re young (or feel young inside) and are in the mood for some mid-week fun, Wednesday is queer night at Patchouli with Vergine Camilla: aperitivo, dj sets and animation, all in one. You’ll find everything you need to keep you from staying home in front of the television!

PATCHOULICorso Lodi 51, Milan. +39 347 0110885. Free entrance.



Gay Friendly Places Milan

La Boum | © La Boum Fb

Starting in September 2016, Thursday nights at La Boum were moved to Friday nights, becoming one of the places to be for those who want to start off the weekend dancing. In a spacious location (which is getting increasingly rare in Milan), the highlights of the evening are a music selection that includes everything from commercial music to pop music from the 90–2000 and an unmissable drag show. We still haven’t understood if they’re pouring alcohol or gas into your glass, but in either case we guarantee you’ll have a good time.

LA BOUM. Via Natale Battaglia 12/14, Milan. +39 333 7762429. Every Friday (12:30am-4:00am). Entrance with a drink (before 1:00am, on a list: 12€, after 1:00am on a list: 15 €, not on a list: 17€).


Gay Friendly Places Milan

An Evening at QLab | © Fabio Monceri

Qlab hosts an event in the same area (via Padova) and on the same day (Friday nights) as La Boum. There are two rooms you can dance in, and music that will make you feel like you’re in a club in continental Europe, with a floor that is quite selective (you could find a protagonist from Uomini&Donne, for example). Let’s just hope you remember everything the next day. 

QLAB. Via Padova 21, Milan. +39 328 893 8442. Entrance (with a drink) (12:00am-1:00am, on a list: 12€; 1:00am-2:00am, on a list: 15€ ; after 2:00am: 17€)


Gay Friendly Places Milan

Vogue Ambition | © Vogue Ambition Fb

Friday nights at Amnesia are for Vogue Ambition: commercial music in one big great room to dance in with a diverse mix of people. Guests of a certain calibre have graced the stage at Vogue Ambition: just to list a few, some of the recent guests include Immanuel Casto, the Power Francers, Viola Valentino, Lory del Santo, Andrea Pinna, without counting the special voice currently at Vogue, Romina Falconi. If you’re in the mood for a great pop evening, this is the place for you.

AMNESIA. Via Alfonso Gatto, Milan. +39 348 7241015. Entrance with a drink (before 1:00am: 10€; after 1:00am: 15€).



Gay Nightclubs Milan Glitter

Glitter | ©

The evenings at Glitter moved to a new location, Club 747 in Piazza Carlo Erba, in September 2016. The formula is essentially the same: Glitter has long distinguished itself for its musical selection that balances pop music (with some niche songs and tunes from a few years ago) with indie pop music.

GLITTER. Piazza Carlo Erba, Milan. +39 366 1766306. Ingresso con consumazione: 15€.


Gay Nightclub Milan Plastic

An evening at Plastic | ©

Saturday nights in Milan, for many people from Milan (and beyond), has been synonymous with Plastic for over 20 years now. This nightclub, which recently changed locations, was and continues to be the place to be for famous people, or somewhat famous people, from different worlds. Once inside, following a rigid selection process at the entrance (it’s best not to show up in groups of 20 dressed like you’re going to let loose at Gattopardo), few distinctions are made at Plastic, with various groups of people not necessarily LGBT blending together in two rooms and a private area. Saturday has always been the busiest night and was recently revolutionized: in the larger room you can dance to a selection of music from “Club Domani” by Andrea Ratti (new entry 2014) and Sergio Tavelli (one of the founders), whereas the small room (the “mirror” room) is less for dancing and more for singing songs that make up the history of Italian music together at Stryxia and its “Al Varietà”. Highly suggested if you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an alternative Milan that sometimes is a bit much.

PLASTIC. Via Gargano 15, Milan. +39 02 54100161.


It can’t be said that the people at Toilet like to stay put. This year, with the “Toilet Vergogna” evening, every second Saturday is spent at Q21 (the same location as QLab). The ingredients are still the same: affordable prices, varied music, drag, no selection process at the entrance, no lists and especially no shame!

TOILET CLUB. Via Lodovico il Moro 171, Milan. Free entrance with the Arci card.


Slightly outside the city (it’s located in Sesto San Giovanni), One Way is a nightclub for those who like hair, beards and older men. It’s open every Saturday night, but be careful where you enter: you could end up in the dark room.

ONE WAY. Via Cavallotti, 204 – Sesto San Giovanni. +39 02 2421341.


Gay Friendly Places Milan

Wonder| © Wonder Fb

The historic “Join the Gap” evening (traditionally held on Sunday night) was doubled starting in September 2016, booking the Borgo on Saturday evenings, but with a new name. “Wonder” is the new gay-friendly meeting spot with entertainment, themes, go go boys, and 4 different rooms to let loose in.

DISCOTECA KARMA. Via Fabio Massimo 36, Milan. +39 345 0804476. Entrance (including a drink): 15€.



The other half of “Join the Gap” remains on Sunday nights, but has changed location: starting at 8:30pm the “La domenica” evening starts with a buffet dinner, show, music and the big family of Join the Gap at Club Haus: to end the week in style!

CLUB HAUS ’80. Via Valtellina 21, Milan.  +39 346 3537557.

We certainly forget an evening or place, perhaps because we haven’t yet had the chance to try it, or simply because we’ve gotten to a certain age and the memory is what it is. You can help us identify what we’re missing or give us other suggestions down in the comments. If all you’re looking for is a quiet night spent at home, here’s a reminder that you can spend it reading the Signor Ponza Blog or A Place in Milan!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

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