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Weygo, Home Delivered Groceries in Milan

One of the tasks of technology is to help us lazy people simplify everyday chores, such as grocery shopping here in Milan. We all agree, don’t we (I think so, given that the ‘Milan Made Easy‘ category of A Place in Milan is among the most visited ones!)? So today we want to tell you about WeyGo, a new e-commerce thanks to which your groceries will arrive right at your doormat.

How? You register on the website in few minutes and start your online shopping experience, as if you were at the supermarket, and at the moment of registration you get a 20 euros voucher you can use for the first transaction. Among the proposals on the virtual shelves there is a fairly well-assorted variety of food (including pasta, meat, fruit and vegetables and many other types of fresh food), as well as products for home, school and animals. In addition, there is a specialized offer with vegan, organic and ethnic products, a good quality/price ratio and occasional special offers.

The news? There are no minimum purchase limit (like for Esselunga’s home delivery where you can order a pack of water max), and no a minimum purchase amount. The service, needless to say, is available from 8 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week.

The delivery, which generally takes place in two hours after your order, costs 3.50 euros, but it is free if you spend more than 60 euros. As for the payment, you can  pay online with credit card and Paypal or at the moment of delivery, with cash, debit or credit card. Not to mention the green feature of Weygo, whose deliveries are in most cases done by eco-friendly vehicles (bikes) or environmentally sustainable ones (vans and methane-fueled motorcycles).

What do you think? Are you curious to try it? This is the website and here are some pictures of our first delivery!

Weygo Groceries Home Delivery Milan

Weygo’s homepage

Weygo Groceries Home Delivery Milan

Weygo bags | © Giorgia Ferrais

Weygo Groceries Home Delivery Milan

Our groceries delivered at home by Weygo | © Giorgia Ferrais

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This article and this English translation were written by Giorgia Ginevra Ferrais.

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