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From Now on, Zego Back Home: The Urban Version of Blablacar Has Arrived

I didn’t think that I would have had to use the word ‘breakthrough’ to describe an app (I used it recently with Glovo) for quite some time. And instead I find myself having to use it now while telling you about Zego. I was told about it last Thursday, and over the weekend I tested it not once, not twice, but three times. It is an urban “carpooling” app. In essence, a kind of Blablacar for travel in the city, as of now available in Milan, Turin, Genoa and Padua in Italy. How does it work? Simple. Download it here, enter the starting point and destination and wait for a driver to contact you. You can see the driver’s name and the first letter of their last name, the average of the scores left by other users (in the form of classic “little stars”) and their current location. You call each other – through an encrypted number – and you fix a meeting point. The driver picks you up and drives you wherever you’d like to go. In the end, you select your payment method and can mutually leave each other feedback (as in, you can leave a comment about the driver and the driver can leave a comment about you as a passenger). Payment is made through PayPal or credit card. And the surreal thing is that it is a real expense reimbursement, and in the case the trip doesn’t go well, you are free not to pay or to pay less than the suggested amount. If the trip went well, of course, you can also leave a little something extra.

The Zego App

The Zego App

I must admit that the first time I used Zego last Friday, I was skeptical. I was alone, on my fifth glass of wine of the evening, in the middle of Design Week, no Car2Go and no desire to spend 15 euros on a taxi from via Vigevano to Arco della Pace (who follows me on Snapchat – my username is @conoscounposto – knows). I was picked up by Marco, a guy of my age that makes himself available on Zego in the evening to make a few more bucks (you can do the same via their website by requesting to become a driver). I was a bit puzzled, and I hoped I wouldn’t end up being driven out to the fields: I even asked a friend to take a picture of the license plate – yes, I’m paranoid. Rest assured, all drivers are “controlled” by Zego and during every trip you can communicate your location in real time via Facebook, SMS or e-mail. Friday’s trip went very well, so much so that I then called other drivers both Saturday and Sunday. The surprise came at the end: for the via Vigevano to Arco della Pace route, I paid 4 euros (!), ditto for the Porta Venezia to viale Toscana route. With a taxi I would have spent four times that amount, with a Car2Go I would have had my license revoked: I have no doubt that this weekend I’ll have to use Zego again and definitely add it to the free apps for Milan that I cannot live without!

Read the original article on Conosco un Posto. This English version was translated by Kelsey Rivett.

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